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We recognizes the importance of the circular economy, the key to achieving sustainable development goals that include economic, societal and environmental dimensions. We, therefore, strive to put the circular economy into practice in the business sector and spark the shift toward circular economy principles by raising public awareness and encouraging behavioral transition in manufacturing and consumption to regenerative practices through examples of the applied circular economy. We aim to promote the active participation of all sectors. The cooperation will be key to making the circular economy a reality.

Business Models to help business implement the circular economy

  1. CIRCULAR SUPPLIES: Use renewable energy and bio-based or fully recyclable inputs

  2. PRODUCT LIFE-EXTENSION: Extend product life cycles by repairing, upgrading and reselling, as well as through innovation and product design

  3. SHARING PLATFORM: Connect product users to one another and encourage shared use, access or ownership to increase product use

  4. PRODUCTS AS A SERVICE: Move away from product ownership and offer customers paid access to products, allowing companies to retain the benefits of circular resource productivity or ownership to increase product use

  5. RESOURCE RECOVERY: Recover useful resources out of materials, by-products or waste