Inspiration ?

To create the products and production lines that reduce the negative impacts while creating positive impacts to the societies.

Our Actions

Oral Care products and delivery that solve the world's problems.

Elderly Health Care

Oral health can affect the wellbeing of each person as a whole. Ineffective oral care routine can lead to a lot of diseases due to the imbalance of the ‘normal flora’ or the good bacteria in the mouth. To help solve the health issues through the oral care products for the elderly, the production process and the designs should comply with the lifestyles and the ease of use for the people.

Environmental Issues

Apart from the health care issues, the environmental issues are also taken care of in the Senity production lines. With careful selections of eco-friendly materials and the organisational activities, they can help solve the waste and energy problems.


Senity toothbrush and Gripp wins the 2020 Design Excellence Award. The official certificate was endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce (Thailand) for its high quality of design. *This product was designed under the collaboration with SolidSprout.