12 Years of Experience Leads To “Sustainability”


12 Years of Experience Leads To "Sustainability"






“Appreciation” is probably the best word to describe the feeling within my heart towards all supporter who has always been very kind since the very beginning. Building up a company from scratch seems to be very tough while maintaining for sustainability is probably double or more. strong determination with fighting spirt, Inspiration with Motivating drive and definitely the positive mindset are all required to achieve this milestone. 

The first 12 years is the period called “Learning” with ups&downs, happy&misery and success&failures. Personally, everything, everyone, every situation as well as everywhere are extremely precious regardless of whether they are positive or negative which eventually become valuable revenues.



Covid-19 arrived at our doorsteps since March 2020 not only to acknowledge us that our life will never be like before but also the need to adapt for change which we called “New Normal”. New Normal is not only affecting our daily life but also the way of business operation. At Laoaree, adaptable to change is one of our strength since our first operation day along our journey for improvements in every aspect. Without any hesitation day along our journey for improvements in every aspect. Without any hesitations, the transformation for new normal is now implemented to ensure Laoaree will be able to provide quality products and services for our clients in the new normal world at instant.